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at Endeavor House
Location Keyport, NJ
Category Professional / Administrative
Job Type Full Time


Pinnacle Treatment Centers is a leading comprehensive provider of substance abuse treatment services to individuals that are addicted to drugs and / or alcohol. Founded in 2006, the Company has grown into an organization that operates over 30 substance abuse treatment facilities in seven states (Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana, and Minnesota) with additional sites under development in Ohio.

Pinnacle treats over 10,000 people daily and provides a full continuum of care, including detoxification, residential, outpatient, and transitional living programs. Treatment includes treating the individual’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological selves. Pinnacle is CARF accredited and all locations include physicians, nurses, clinicians, administrative, and support staff.

We are currently seeking an experienced Controller to join our team at our Endeavor House location in Keyport, NJ.

Summary:   This position oversees all personnel of the billing/financial department.  The position demands a high level of performance by providing assessment, feedback, and monitoring and growth development in regards to the financial/billing department. Also, the position includes direct supervision of the control and monitoring of the flow of all accounts receivable/payable of the facility on a daily basis. The responsibility of this job requires working independently and under minimal supervision and demands a clear knowledge of the agencies’ policy and procedures including disciplinary and grievance adherence.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Oversee the daily accounts payable/receivable of the facility (i.e. collection, billing, and inventory control).
  • Regulate and monitor the solverance of the facility including profit and loss.
  • Regulate the collection of self-pay services for active clients (i.e. co-payments, R&B, CD sober living, and OON deductibles and out of pocket expenses).
  • Continue to promote growth development for the financial department to include software for in-house billing.
  • Oversee the plant operation in regards to budgeting and inventory control.
  • Process quarterly statistics for various outcome studies.
  • Liaison for billing and collection dept concerning insurance contracts and in-network/out of network status and services.
  • Process all advance billing for self-pay clients.
  • Continue to develop and monitor a system for tracking past accounts receivable (i.e., on-hold list, statement letters 1st, 2nd , and then collection and legal action).
  • Communicate to CEO, reports of collection activity to include decision making of collection, legal (judgments), discharge due to non-payment.
  • Discuss and finalize financial agreements with new admissions via in-person and pre phone consultation regarding insurance benefits and self-payment.
  • Direct supervision of all personnel staff including adherence to policy and procedure, including the procedures for disciplinary and grievance.
  • Negotiate and review proposals for on-site construction and/or improvements/changes to the facility.
  • Supervision of the operation of the plant to assure maintenance as necessary to assure patient and staff safety including maintenance of agencies vehicles. In summary, keeping the facility within all applicable building, fire and safety codes.
  • Act in accordance with facility policy and procedures and federal confidentiality laws (42-CFR, Part 2).
  • Facilitate meetings for the financial department in a timely manner to address issues that arise with effective problem solving techniques.
  • Participate with establishing an annual budget for all services to be provided at or through the facility in consultation with the administrator and the Executive Director.
  • Participate in Quality Assurance and Infection Control meetings at least quarterly. 


  • Bachelors and/or masters degree in business/financial management
  • Minimum of five years experience in accounting and/or financial management
  • Strong computer skills
  • Multi-tasked, organizational skills, ability to work independently, and adequate interpersonal skills

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