Job details

Residential Aide

at Recovery Works-Mayfield
Location Mayfield, KY
Category Clerical / Service
Job Type Per Diem



Part-time positions handling and serving residents in a manner conducive to their safety, security and comfort.  Adhere to instructions issued by Nurse Manager/Director and to establish/maintain a therapeutic milieu and routine.  Maintain good housekeeping standards within assigned duty areas.  Provide maximum resident care services within limits defined by delegated tasks.


  1. CPR/ First Aid Certification.

  2. Valid KY Driver’s License

  3. Written verification of two-step Mantoux test (NJ) and written verification of physical examination in sufficient detail to indicate that employee is free of disease and able to perform assigned duties and does not have a health condition that would create hazard to themselves, other employees or residents.

  4. Course work in mental health – Associate Degree preferred.

  5. Those individuals expressing a desire to become Counselor Interns must possess a Bachelor’s Degree.  It is understood that this is not a guaranteed progression within the Pinnacle Treatment Center facilities.

  6. Previous experience in healthcare, mental health and/or substance abuse treatment

  7. Prior experience with chemical addiction and/or mental disorders including psychopharmacology.

  8. Prior knowledge and/or experience with regulations and standards including infection control, quality assurance, and patient care compliance for state licensure.

  9. Neat appearance and appropriate dress.  Genuine interest in caring for residents.  Patience and respect when dealing with residents, families and visitors.  Willingness to perform a multitude of tasks.


  1. Check in with manager for resident report and receive any added assignment.

  2. Supervise resident AM/PM care.                            

  3. Supervise client medication, charting all incoming medications, coordination with nurse and psychiatrist regarding medication compliance.

  4. Maintain residents’ schedule for your shift.

  5. Observe and assure adherence to house rules.

  6. Monitor all chores and work projects.

  7. Enforce level system.

  8. Transport and accompany clients to AA/NA meetings when applicable.

  9. Meeting client sponsor/contacts.  Sign resident out for any outside meeting or functions providing their phone number, destination and approximate time of return.

  10. Document client departures/returns from all departures (passes, meetings, work, etc.).                  

  11. Distribute snacks before bedtime.

  12. Settle residents for night.

  13. Note physical condition, attitude, reactions and appetite as necessary.

  14. Report any changes or unusual findings to Nursing.

  15. Monitor for appropriate dress codes at all times.

  16. Assist with resident personal hygiene when necessary.

  17. Assist in dining room and observe eating habits and report to Nursing any difficulty with eating (i.e., loss of appetite or other unusual events.

  18. Perform personal services for residents within reason.

  19. Assist residents with recreational activities and other projects doing whatever possible to promote comfort, security and rehabilitation.

  20. Random drug screen monitoring of all clients including outpatient as dictated by the schedule provided.

  21. Room, belongings and personal search as dictated by schedule and/or manager.

  22. Drive residents to appointments, community events, day programs as instructed by RN/Manager.

  23. Complete and maintain facility shift report and resident sign-out/sign-in report.

  24. Document Incidental Notes when applicable.

  25. Oral and written “end of shift” reports.

  26. Check water temperature in kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.  Record in safety log and write incident report if water is over specified temperature.

  27. Light housekeeping as necessary in performance of assigned tasks.

  28. Hourly head count for all clients.

  29. Didactic groups for client education on addiction and recovery principles.



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